Sneakin’ Out The Front Door – Director’s Cut by Tim Sabatino – Release for

Dear friends,

We have a surprise for you!! 

We have released the Director’s Cut of our latest music video, Sneakin’ Out The Front Door by Chris Standring !!:)

We entered the video in a contest on the website, and we need your help to win.

Please use the link below to see the Director’s Cut of Sneakin’ Out The Front Door and cast your vote! You can (and please do) vote once per day, every day until Monday.

Tim Sabatino’s Director’s Cut of Sneaking Out The Front Door by Chris Standring


Thank you!!!


Sneak preview! New music video directed by Tim Sabatino

The time has come!! Here is Theta Creata Productions’ latest music video directed by Tim Sabatino: Sneakin’ Out The Front Door by Chris Standring.

The official release is tomorrow morning, but for our friends we are releasing it tonight. We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share it and let us know what you think.

Contact us at Theta Creata Productions to book your music video shoot.  or 213-840-2220

Colin Egglesfield – With Tim Sabatino and Giselle Claudino

Yesterday, Tim Sabatino had the great pleasure to photograph actor Colin Egglesfield from The Client List, Rizzoli And Isles, Melrose Place, All My Children, and many more great movies and series.

The photo shoot took place at Cafe Brazil in Venice, California. Colin was being interviewed by the great Brazilian reporter Giselle Claudino regarding a movie that he shot in Brazil, Open Road. The interview will be published on Giselle’s channel, Reporter Hollywood and Jetss TV. We will keep you informed when it is released.

Actor Colin Egglesfield - Tim Sabatino Photography

Colin Egglesfield – Photographed by Tim Sabatino

Tim Sabatino photographing Colin Egglesfield

Colin Egglesfield and Tim Sabatino at Cafe Brazil in Venice

Photographer Tim Sabatino and reporter Giselle Claudino

Tim Sabatino and Giselle Claudino during the photo shoot with Colin Egglesfield

Giselle and Colin at Cafe Brazil

Colin Egglesfield and Giselle Claudino at Cafe Brazil – by Photographer Tim Sabatino

Find out more about Tim Sabatino’s work on the website
and on this post:
r the Facebook page:

Who is Theta Creata Productions? A thank you to our collaborators :)

Many of you are familiar with Theta Creata’s work. You have seems its videos, you have read its posts on Facebook, on Twitter and on the blog, you might even have worked with Theta Creata Productions.
But Who is Theta Creata really?  In this blog, we would like to introduce and acknowledge The Team and Collaborators:

Tim Sabatino: Founder – Photographer – Director – Producer – Artist
Theta Creata Productions was created by Tim Sabatino, Artist and Photographer emeritus. Tim started painting as a child and learned all the different techniques, from pointillism and charcoal to  acrylics and oils, the later being now is main technique. Tim paints mainly portraits and he learned photography as a teenager so he could take a photograph of this subject to paint from. His love of photography grew from there, turning into a job in college and after and finally developing into a career that Tim has been perfecting for the past 20 years.
Tim’s photography business grew over the years to include production for commercials and music videos.  Doing so, Tim was led to meet many talented people who are now part of the Theta Creata Team.
You can follow Tim on Twitter: @timsabatino, on Facebook: and, on the blog: and on Instagram: @timsabatino

Gwendoline Sabatino: Director of Communications – Photographer – Editor
Gwendoline has been working with Tim for over 3 years. She assists Tim on all of his photo shoots and has learned photography through Tim. At Theta Creata, Gwendoline handles most of the admin work, the promotion and the blogging. Gwendoline started shooting on her own a couple years ago, mainly beauty photography. Gwendoline is also an actress and a singer. Tim and Gwen are married and have a wonderful baby girl, Violette (pronounced Vee-o-let).
You can follow Gwendoline on Twitter: @GwendolineS, on Facebook:, on this blog and on Instagram: @gwensabatino

Tatiana Samarkina: Makeup Artist – Hair Stylist
Tatiana Samarkina Irving is a prominent Los Angeles-based makeup artist and hair stylist with over 15 years of experience working in fashion, photo, film, music video, commercial print and advertising. She is noted for working alongside high profile celebrities, photographers and fashion stylists for Esquire, L’Officiel and Men’s Health just to name a few. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Tatiana works at her Braid & Makeup Studio in Santa Monica and continues to make a name for herself in the industry. She actively pursues her education and immerses herself in the current trends and specializes in stylish hair braids, unique braiding and wedding hairstyles.
You can follow Tatiana on her website:, on her Yelp page:, on her Facebook page: and on Instagram: @braidstudio

Mika Caviola: Makeup artist – Hair Stylist
Mika, a Los Angeles based make-up artist and hair stylist, has been in the beauty industry for 6 years. She began her journey by getting her cosmetology license and gaining experience working in a hair salon. She furthered her beauty education by completing make-up school one year later. Mika now teaches her own hair styling class at Downey Makeup Academy and has “on set” experience with print, music video and film. She has been working regularly with Tim Sabatino for a couple years, and she is EXCELLENT at her craft!
You can follow Mika on her Facebook page: and on her website:

Franzy Staedter: Wardrobe Stylist
Franzy is an LA based Wardrobe Stylist and Costume Designer. She developed an interest in clothing at a very young age. Since growing up with her single father, even as a small child she decided what to wear on her own rather than letting her father dress her. Starting out with styling her friends for parties and proms and later setting fashion standards in college, she made fashion and couture to be her passion. After graduating from college in Germany, she moved to Los Angeles to make it her new home. Now, she works with with celebrities, photographers and productions in film, TV, commercial and entertainment.
You can follow Franzy on her website: or her Facebook page:

Giselle Claudino: Wardrobe Stylist

Giselle Claudino was born in Brazil, in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, in the Northeast of the country. She has lived in LA for almost 10 years, where she moved to pursue her hosting, reporting and fashion career. What best describes Giselle is her drive to achieve success and her passion for what she does best, which is being on camera, producing and styling people. She also finds time to blog/post photos about “looks” which is one of her favorites things to do.”Don’t forget, always dress to impress, doesn’t matter if you are going to the gas station, if you never know who you gonna run into!”. As she says: “As long as I am active,I’m happy. Entertainment is my life and fashion is my passion”. 
Giselle wrote a great blog about Tim Sabatino that you can read here:
You can follow Giselle on her website:, her Facebook page:, on Instagram: @fabulousbygiselleclaudino.

Per Olin: Editor
Per Olin has a diverse background in video, multimedia and print with over 10 years of experience working for regional, national and global companies.  Clients include Toyota, L’Oréal, Corbis and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Per Olin has been trained in both Europe and the United States and specializes in high energy short format content.  His presentation expertise has recently helped close deals with MSN, Viacom and News Corp.
You can follow Per on his website:

Kevin Boot: Camera Operator
Kevin and Tim have known each other for 29 years and they have been working together since then. Kevin is passionate about filmmaking. If it were up to him, he would spent his entire time shooting movies. Kevin is the founder of Hollywood Short Films production company and owns a rental company for filmmaking equipment.
You can follow Kevin on his website:

And of course:

Axel Johannsson: Lighting Tech – Gaffer

Nick Lane: Hover Camera Operator – Assistant

Robert Hogg: Hover Camera Operator

Jacqueline Corcos: Assistant

Jenna Hanson: Assistant

We will make 2014 an even better year than 2013, and we are looking forward to working with you all soon!

Theta Creata Productions, logo created by Tim Sabatino

Theta Creata Productions, logo created by Tim Sabatino

What do you want to know about photography?

While I’m working on another blog, I would like to do a quick survey with you. Nothing painful, I promise.:)

We are working on a new project and we would like to have your input so we make sure to meet your needs. Please post your answers in a comment below, or send them in an email to

Here we go:

– Are you interested in photography? professionally or as a hobby?
– In general, what do you look for in a photograph?
– In general, what catches your attention in a photograph?
– What makes you appreciate a photograph?
– What makes you not appreciate a photograph?
– Give us some photography terms that you do not fully understand.

See? That wasn’t bad…  Thank you for your help!

Tim Sabatino

Artist Tim Sabatino

Artist / Photographer Tim Sabatino

How to take a good headshot – by Tim Sabatino

Tim Sabatino has been active in the photography industry for the past 20 years. Throughout the years, he was able to photograph hundreds of actors and actresses, many of them are now celebrities. The link below will bring you to some examples of his work.

Headshot photography, though it may seem a common thing in Los Angeles, is a category of photography that requires specific skills.

1. Lighting: The first skill needed is knowing and finding the right light. Headshots are taken with natural light. But not all natural light is good. It needs to be soft and in just the right amount. And that is a craft that Tim Sabatino has become expert in.

2. Makeup and hair: Makeup for headshots has to be natural, almost like you don’t have any makeup on. Casting directors want to see what you look like, then they can use their imagination. Hair has to be nicely done, without fly-aways and the way you usually wear it. And yes, it is worth it to pay a little extra for a professional makeup artist. It’ll make your headshot just that much better!

3. Wardrobe: Keep your wardrobe simple and colorful. Choose colors that look best on you and cuts that compliment your body shape. Stay away from busy patterns: we want all the attention to go to your face.

4. Directing: It’s important that your photographer gives you direction during the shoot: serious, happy, romantic, confident (especially confident). But make sure to portray different emotions in a subtle way, unless you are a character actor, in which case you can go a little bit more over the top.

5. Smiling vs serious: Depending on what you need, your photographer will ask you to smile or not. Big happy smiles are what you need for your commercial headshot. Serious and confident look is what you need for your theatrical headshot. Try to get both during your photo session, that way you’re covered!

6. Posing: Keep your position natural. If it feels uncomfortable, it looks uncomfortable.

The most important thing to remember about headshots is that your pictures have to look like you! When a casting director calls you in, it’s because your headshot looks like what they are looking for or inspires them. So if you come in and you don’t look anything like your headshot, you have wasted your time and the casting director’s time, and they do not like that.

Contact us at or call 213-840-2220 to book your shoot.

Follow this link to see our previous blog about headshots:

Olivia Newton-John - Headshot by Tim Sabatino

Olivia Newton-John – Headshot by Tim Sabatino

Sam Witwer - Headshot by Tim Sabatino

Sam Witwer – Headshot by Tim Sabatino

Lucy Hale - Headshot by Tim Sabatino

Lucy Hale – Headshot by Tim Sabatino

Terrence Howard - by Tim Sabatino

Terrence Howard – by Tim Sabatino

Natasha Alam - Headshot by Tim Sabatino

Natasha Alam – Headshot by Tim Sabatino

Paget Brewster - Headshot by Tim Sabatino

Paget Brewster – Headshot by Tim Sabatino

Emmy Rossum - Photographed by Tim Sabatino

Emmy Rossum – Photographed by Tim Sabatino


Why I bought an electric vehicle – by Tim Sabatino

A couple months ago, my dear Subaru gave up on me and I had to get a new car. After a few hours of reflexion and debating, we made the decision to get an electric car, the Toyota Rav4 EV. And this is why:

First of all, our planet is in danger of destruction by man, and it needs and deserves to be saved. And nobody can discuss the fact that gasoline pollutes the air and electricity doesn’t.
I am very ecology oriented, I believe it is my duty as a human being living on this planet to protect it. And I mean duty, not right. I recycle, I use reusable grocery bags, I don’t waste water, I turn the lights off, I buy local and organic as much as possible.

Green vehicle for the Sabatinos!

Green vehicle for the Sabatinos!

Second, with the price of gas right now, buying an electric car is actually a great investment. I used to spend about $400 per month in gas! That’s basically my car payment. So for no additional money, I have a brand new car!
Now I know what you’re thinking… Higher electricity bill? Barely! Not only the price of charging my car is a tenth of what a gas car would cost, but also the Department of Water and Power gives incentives and lower rates for EV owners, and the State of California gives a state rebate check of $2500…! Not complaining about this… Besides, in Los Angeles, there are free charging stations everywhere! In the past two months, I spent only about $30 to charge my Rav 4.

Charging our EV while I'm at the gym, for free!

Charging our EV while I’m at the gym, for free!

Then, it’s an awesome car! It’s silent, it drives amazing, it’s fast, it’s beautiful, it’s powerful, it’s safe. Electric cars have 100% of torque 100% of the time. No more shifting, no more jerking, no delay, smooth acceleration all the way. This car drives like a charm!
And I get to drive by myself in the carpool lane anytime! Talking about driving: I’m sure you’re wondering about the range. 110 Miles. Not bad! I know it doesn’t beat Tesla’s 300 miles range, but we’re getting there! And living in LA, I don’t need a wider range, I just make sure to plug in my car regularly and I’m ready to go!
The Toyota Rav4 EV is perfect for my profession. As a photographer, I carry a lot of equipment on a regular basis. Light stands, C-stands, camera case, lights, reflectors, diffusers, soft box, backdrop, apple box, etc… the whole area of photography equipment: everything fits perfectly in my new car! – and I still have a seat available for the baby car seat!!

Finally, this car makes me proud. Proud to know that I am contributing to safeguarding our environment. And as a new Dad, it is very important to know that my daughter will have a good place to grow up in.

Tim, Gwen and Violette Sabatino and their new  Toyota Rav4 EV

Tim, Gwen and Violette Sabatino and their new Toyota Rav4 EV

Here is where you can find more information about the Toyota Rav4 EV:

Eco-Friendly Yours,

Tim Sabatino